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What our clients say

“The program has been excellent and we have received some really good feedback, particularly the daily challenges and bonus points. It’s been great to see our teams get up and moving and enjoying the connections”

Leonie Holst – Health, Safety & Wellbeing Administrator

“Moving Mindz is a great way to get employees to team up, consider their health and wellbeing and take some steps. It is a fun way to encourage wellness in the workplace. The daily challenges and badges are also a fun way to have interaction amongst the teams and employees in the workplace. They provide the opportunity for some happy chat and for employees to get to know each other on more of a personal basis.”

South Burnett Regional Council
Melanie Alexander – Safety Services Officer

“The Moving Mindz team has been a key partner to help drive our Pearson WELL strategy. The Moving Mindz challenge helps us to connect and promote positive habits for us to stay well and bring our best self to work no matter where we are located. Most importantly we are able to measure, evaluate and report on the outcomes of the program using validated and best practice evaluation tools.”

Wendy Demarte – Director Health, Safety & Wellbeing – Asia

“We are big supporters of Moving Mindz here at PageGroup. The program creates a sense of teamwork and healthy competition backed up by proven improvements on mental wellbeing.”

Jasmine Timpano – Senior HR Specialist

“Monash University participated in the Moving Mindz Challenge 2019. The event provided a fun opportunity for staff and students to increase their physical activity through a team-based event. “

Monash University
Anne Ohlmus – Wellbeing and Sustainability Engagement Manager, Buildings and Property

“The right champion leading the initiatives coupled with Moving Mindz platform leads to a wonderful corporate wellness program.”

The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers
Michelle Cassidy – Vice President Employee Benefits

What our participants say

“Learnt to eat healthier, exercising more, lost a few kg since I started the program. Connecting with team members, motivated more to do things in a day, and pushed my boundaries a little further, after all it’s a nice memory to recollect.”

Lara Appiah – Graphic Designer, Brand Team

“Moving Mindz has been my source of motivation since the pandemic started (in terms of keeping my body healthy and my mind sane). Also, it helped me to be more connected with other people, not just with my teammates. 🙂 It also opened opportunities (or chances) for me to do stuff that I actually am not used to such as: getting in touch with family members/friends randomly, eating more veggies, doing yoga, lip-syncing (lol) and many others. Overall, I’m very happy with my experience and grateful for the things I have learned and people I have met on my journey here. Thank you!”

Pearson People Services
Rose Lyn Villanueva – HRIS Senior Administrator

“Thank you and good night Moving Mindz. Truly a life changing experience.”

Adam Hunter, Business Specialist In-store

“I’ve enjoyed Moving Mindz. Through the lockdown period, the daily challenges were a welcome distraction and gave us an opportunity to learn more about our team members and also others in the company. I already exercise daily but I also liked contributing to the team’s success and made an extra effort to complete the challenges. Our team is quite competitive and we have had many a laugh in getting the team challenges done. It’s also been great watching our position rise on the leaderboard. Overall it’s been a very good experience, particularly in the climate of COVID. Thank you.”

Pearson Australia
Mardi Johnson – Senior Learning Technologies Manager, Higher Education

“I feel amazing. I always wanted to be physically active especially since working from home, but was lacking motivation. So Moving Mindz is indeed my motivation. I’ve been doing walking, jogging, yoga, dance and the most interestingly I’ve also started gardening. I love to spend time with nature. Thanks to Moving Mindz for all the fun activities and motivation. I’m happy and fit mentally and physically.”

Pearson Australia
Vishista Rallapalli – Digital Success Specialist

“Moving Mindz 12-Week WELLness Challenge has been one of the silver linings of the pandemic. It has given me a sense of purpose to stay active and look after my mental well-being during these challenging times. I have developed some good habits like exercising more often, sleeping and eating well. It also gave me an opportunity to learn more about my immediate team members and connect with colleagues from other parts of the business that I usually don’t get to work with. Overall, I feel much calmer, grateful and healthier than when I started this challenge. Thank you to Pearson (shout out to Wendy Demarte) and the MovingMindz team for running this program.”

Pearson Australia
Yohan Ellappuli – Enterprise Account Manager, Higher Education

“Thank you Moving Mindz, this has been just what I needed to get me motivated post double knee replacement surgery. I have rediscovered my love for swimming and I have achieved way more than I ever expected and reached levels I never dreamed I could for a very long time. My heart rate has dropped over 20 BPM average, my BP has also dropped, the pain meds I was taking are gone and I feel great.”

Linda Blank – Team Member

“MM has been great – getting up and going for a walk when my steps are down has become non-negotiable, I am totally addicted to yoga before bed, and I am feeling very well rested and on top of things as a result!”

Pearson Australia
Alice McBroom – Rights & Permissions Manager APAC and Photographer

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