Help your workforce connect & stay active

Everything you need for a happier, healthier and more productive workforce in one platform

Connect Your People

The pandemic has impacted the way we work and interact. Keep your employees connected and engaged during these challenging times.

  • Water Cooler feature encourages connection
  • Comment, post photos & videos, share recipes & much more!
  • Challenges get participants working together

Complete Daily Activities

You’ll be encouraged to try different activities each day, then share your experiences. These activities are based on the latest scientific evidence.

  • Connection
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness
  • Laughter

Earn Points & Wellness Badges

The more users interact on the platform, the more points and badges they earn and the higher they climb up the account levels. Our program is gamified to make wellness fun for everyone!

Track Activity Levels

Participants are encouraged to be as active as possible. Tracking is simple. Just Step, Sync and Save your entry. It’s that easy!

  • Integrated with most fitness devices
  • Gain credit for loads of activities
  • Track progress on leaderboards

To-Do's & Mini-Challenges

Complete Admin Access

Your school or university will have access to the Admin Dashboard to oversee the challenge.

  • Approve teams & steps
  • Track stats & progress
  • Customise posts and much more!

Comprehensive Reporting

You’ll be asked to complete quick surveys before and after the challenge. This allows Moving Mindz to report on changes in key health markers (it’s all anonymous).

  • Best practice survey tools
  • Insightful data analytics
  • Secure & confidential
  • Strict privacy policy adherence
  • Ethics approval to conduct research

Reward Badges to Collect


reduction in



reduction in



reduction in



increase in

general wellbeing


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What we can measure

What's Included in Workforce Connect

SOCIAL FEED - "The Water Cooler"

Participants Can…
View the social feeds ✔️
Like a post ✔️
Comment on a post ✔️
Create a post ✔️
Add images to a post ✔️
Add video to a post ✔️
Report offensive content ✔️
Corporate Users Can…
Create a post ✔️
Post corporate award winners ✔️
Add images to a post ✔️
Add video to a post ✔️
Moderate social feed ✔️
The Moving Mindz System Will Also
Send participants event notifications ✔️
Post challenges & mini-challenges ✔️
Assign badges and rewards to users ✔️
Moderate the Social Feed ✔️

LIFE HACKS - (daily posts)

Connection ✔️
Exercise ✔️
Sleep ✔️
Gratitude ✔️
Nutrition ✔️
Mindfulness ✔️
Laugh ✔️


Dress-Up Team Challenge ✔️
Lip-sync Team Challenge ✔️
Formal Meeting Challenge ✔️
Team Stepping Challenge ✔️
Thank You Challenge ✔️
Virtual Tea & Healthy Biscuit Challenge ✔️


Automated Daily Notifications ✔️
Daily Lifestyle Hacks & Badges ✔️
Physical Activity Reminders & Nudges ✔️
Reward Wellness Badges ✔️


Colleagues video hangout ✔️
Exercise demo ✔️
Ergonomic workstation ✔️
Neighbourly love ✔️
See 10, Do 10, Share 10 ✔️
3 days caffeine-free ✔️
Secret superpower ✔️
Friends virtual hangout ✔️
Gratitude list ✔️
Share a recipe ✔️
Plank challenge ✔️
Appreciate a colleague ✔️
Meditation levels (10, 15, 20, 30 mins) ✔️
Kids currency ✔️
Dance challenge ✔️
Smart cooking hacks ✔️
Bucket list items ✔️
Virtual meal date ✔️


Physical Activity - 12 WEEKS ✔️


IOS iPhone App ✔️
Android Phone App ✔️
Web App ✔️
Wearable Device Integrations ✔️
Manual Data Entry ✔️
Supplemental User Data Collection (ask users for additional info such as department or location). ✔️


Admin logins 2
Admin centre dashboard ✔️
User reporting ✔️
Challenge progress reporting ✔️
User management ✔️
Resource centre (How-to guides, program help, pro tips for success) ✔️
Co-branding (Incorporate your brand colour and logo in the app) ✔️
Social media moderator ✔️
User and team approval ✔️


Leader boards ✔️
Badges ✔️
Social media integration ✔️
Group targets ✔️
Mini-challenges and contests ✔️
Personal tracking ✔️
Engagement leader boards ✔️
Competitions and prizes (additional costs may be incurred depending on what you would like to include) ✔️
Health and fitness tips ✔️


Mental Health Associations/Determinants ✔️
Happiness ✔️
Event mental health: strongest associations ✔️
General wellbeing and happiness ✔️
Loneliness ✔️
Changes in mental health criteria ✔️


End User Support - Email, chat & talk ✔️
Premium Onboarding Support
We'll help you configure our system, set up your first challenge and get users into the app.
✔️ 1 hour session x 1
Admin Training
Learn how to complete common tasks in our admin centre.
✔️ 1 hour session x 1
Program Guidance
We'll help you customize an entire program of challenges and wellness initiatives based on your goals.
✔️ 1 hour session x 3
Account Manager ✔️


Digital Registration Posters 1 option
Countdown Emails 2
Daily Notifications Daily
Nudges/Pushes Daily
Social Engagement Daily
Contests & Mini-Challenges Monthly
Wellness Badges Daily
Wellness Trophies Monthly
Geo-Fence Marketing Add-on cost
Social Media Marketing Add-on cost
Branded Devices Add-on cost
T-Shirt, Cap & Water bottles Add-on cost
Custom Team T-shirts Add-on cost
Custom Team Hoodies Add-on cost
Launch Event Add-on cost

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