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Wondering how to roll out the activity challenge in your workplace? Here’s a rundown.

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Connect, Move & Thrive!

Frequently Asked Questions

General - How do I access the Moving Mindz platform?

  • Go to 
  • Log in using the email and password you registered with.
  • Otherwise, head to the Log In page on the top right of the navigation bar.

General - Which web browser should I use?

Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Internet Explorer is best avoided.

General - What’s the best way to get help?

Please try our FAQs first.

If you don’t find your answer here, you can get in touch with our Support Team via the Live Chat feature or by emailing:

Login Issues - How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking on the forgot password link.

Login Issues - I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please click on the forgot password link.

Login Issues - I can’t log in?

All approved participants should be able to log in with the username and password set during the registration.

If you have trouble logging in, please get in touch via the chat function or at

Step-counting apps and devices - Which devices can I sync?

Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit and Garmin

Step-counting apps and devices - How do I sync my device?

To sync your device:

    1. Click on ‘Add My Activity’ located on top right corner of your screen
    2. The screen will drop down with options to add your activity and to ‘+Sync a new device’. Click on it.
    3. You will see the available options. Click on your device and it will navigate you to your device server site for logins.
  • Note: To connect Google Fit, please login from your desktop browser

Step-counting apps and devices - Can I use a different step-counting device?

Yes, you can use any step-counting device and enter the steps manually into our platform. Alternatively, you can use a device that syncs with the platform.

Steps will be synced from your app/device’s website, so you will first need to make sure the steps are updated there. Once you press the ‘Sync’ button, the data will be transferred to Moving Mindz.

Note that for other activities additional to steps, such as swimming, cycling, weights or yoga, you will have to enter those details manually.

The Moving Mindz App - How do I download the app?

The Moving Mindz App is available for download from Google Play for Android, or from the Apple Store for iOS.

Simply go to the respective websites, click ‘Install’ and follow the prompts.

The Moving Mindz App - Which username and password do I use when logging into the app

Please use the same login details as for the Moving Mindz website.

If you’ve forgotten your username and password or are having difficulties downloading the app, please send us an email at:

The Moving Mindz App - Will the app automatically track my steps?

No. The Moving Mindz app is not a step counter.

You can sync devices like Fitbit and Apple Health, or you can use whichever step-counter you like and enter your steps manually.

Moving Mindz Website - What is the Water Cooler?

This is where participants can post updates about their journey, encourage team members, post questions, or post videos or pictures.

We post daily activities on the Water Cooler feed and encourage participants to try them and share their experiences. The more you participate in daily activities, the more points you earn.

Mini challenges will also be posted in the Water Cooler feed.

When should I complete the Daily Activity?

We encourage participants to complete the daily activities, which are science-based nudges designed to improve your health and wellbeing, each day of the challenge. The aim is to help you form healthy habits moving forward.

However, if you miss a daily activity and it drops off the Dashboard, you can still access it by scrolling back through the Water Cooler feed. You will still receive connection points and a badge for completion.

Moving Mindz Website - Which file formats and sizes are allowed for photos & videos?


  • JPG
  • PNG

Photos should be no larger than 2MB.


  • MP4
  • MOV
  • MKV
  • AVI

Please keep videos below 10MB.

Moving Mindz Website - What if someone posts inappropriate content?

Inappropriate posts can be flagged with your Company Program Manager to be followed up.

My Profile - How can I change my team name?

Reach out to us via the chat function or email us at and we’ll happily do it for you.

My Profile - How do I update my profile picture?

  • Go to Account Settings
  • Change your photo as required
  • Hit ‘Save’.

Logging Steps/Activities - How do I enter my step count?

You’ll see Add My Activity tab on the right top corner of your screen on the web platform. Click on the tab, select the date for which you want to submit your activity, then sync or manually enter your steps. You can also add a range of activities from here.

You can enter activities on the app via the red Add My Activity button, center bottom.

Logging Steps/Activities - When should I submit my steps?

It’s best to submit your steps at the end of each day if entering manually. Otherwise, just sync, and your steps will be automatically backfilled.

Logging Steps/Activities - What happens when I enter my steps?

Your steps are added to your team’s total step count and you earn points for steps entered. The more active you are, the further your team will progress on the leaderboard.

Logging Steps/Activities - I entered the wrong number of steps. What should I do?

No problem. You can edit your step or activity data post submission.

Logging Steps/Activities - If I miss a few days, will I be able to enter my steps retrospectively?

Yes. You can enter these steps by going to the ‘Add my Activity’ panel and selecting the applicable date.

Logging Steps/Activities - I forgot to enter an activity. Can you help?

You can submit your missed activity by clicking on the ‘Add My Activity’ panel and selecting the applicable date.

Logging Steps/Activities - I’ve been sick. What can I do?

We hope you’re feeling better! For days you have been sick, we advise you to enter your personal step average.

Logging Steps/Activities - I’m going on holiday, what should I do?

The beauty of Moving Mindz is that you can participate anywhere at any time! Simply take your device or mobile app with you.

Logging Steps/Activities - Do I gain credit for any other physical activity besides walking?

Yes! You can earn points for dozens of different activities in addition to steps. Yoga, cycling, rowing, skateboarding are examples.

Simply enter the time spent doing the activity, and it will be converted to steps, then points will be allocated.

Please remove your step-counting device whilst undertaking these activities, as entering steps as well will be regarded as ‘double logging’.

If you’d rather keep your fitness-tracking device on during physical activities, please enter the activity duration at 50% to keep a fair playing field for all.

What is a speed check?

Throughout the Moving Mindz program, we encourage you to be as active as possible. You can gain credit for all types of activities, from cycling and running to yoga and badminton.

In some cases, high steppers may be asked to validate their steps. This is simply to ensure you are entering your steps and activities correctly and that no typos have accidentally been made.

If you enter steps above a certain threshold, an alert will pop up asking you to provide a detailed explanation for the activity entered on that particular date.

The activity entry for that day will be locked until Moving Mindz reviews your explanation and either approves your entry or rejects it.

If approved, your steps will be added to your account and you will receive your movement points.

If rejected, you will have one more chance to enter your steps and other activities. *You’ll need to do this manually rather than syncing your device.

If rejected a second time, you will be awarded a predetermined step count and will not be able to enter any further activity for that date.

In some instances, you may be able to apply for a speed check exemption with your company.
To find out more, please reach out via the chat function or email

Thank you and good luck!

The Challenge - Can I see the progress of other teams?

The Moving Mindz platform allows participants to track other teams via the Leaderboards. There are Connection, Movement, and Overall leaderboards, plus leaderboards specific to your event.

The Challenge - How is the Leaderboard ranked?

Leaderboard rankings are calculated on the basis of distance travelled or engagement on the platform.

The Challenge - Can I see my team’s performance?

Yes, you can see your team’s statistics on the ‘My Team’ page.

The Challenge - Can others see my performance?

Others can see your team performance if they click on your team from the leaderboard 

The Challenge - Could teams be cheating?

The simple answer is yes. But they’re only cheating themselves.

We request all participants uphold truth and integrity while participating. High steppers may be asked to validate their entries.

Mini-Challenges - What are the mini-challenges?

We run fun mini-challenges throughout the Moving Mindz challenge to keep participants engaged and motivated.

Details are announced in the Water Cooler.

Mini-Challenges - How are winners chosen and announced?

Points are awarded for taking part in the mini challenge and posting on the platform.

Moving Mindz or your organisation may choose a winner, depending on the mini-challenge.

Winners will be announced on the platform.

Mini-Challenges - How do I enter?

Simply post a comment/photo/video in the comments section of the mini-challenge on the Water Cooler feed.

Mini-Challenges - What about prizes?

Our platform is designed to be fun and engaging, and the mental health and physical benefits you reap from our programs are reward enough.

However, in some instances, companies or organisations may choose to award prizes. These will be determined by your company/organisation.

End of Event - What is the post-event survey?

The post-event survey will become available shortly before the end of the race. This is an important part of the Moving Mindz challenge. It allows us to measure and evaluate changes in key health markers and report these findings (anonymously) to your organisation.

You can find the survey on the Dashboard of the platform. You will receive an email notification once you successfully submit your response. The survey will remain on the Dashboard until the survey period ends.

Moving Mindz Surveys - How is this information used?

Primary Use of Survey Data

Moving Mindz uses pre and post event surveys to measure and evaluate changes in health and wellbeing scores and to record any change/improvement related to your participation. Moving Mindz provides aggregate End of Event Reporting to your organisation as to any changes that have occurred.  

For these End of Event Reports, your data will be used with other participants’ data to provide group results and you will not be identified at any time to Moving Mindz or collaborating researchers (see below). In addition, your data will not be provided back to your employer as an individual data that can in any way identify you. 

Key health areas examined in these surveys include: 

• Mental Health (assessed by moods of stress, anxiety or depression you might have) 
• Diabetes Risk 
• Sleep 
• Wellbeing 
• Physical Activity 

The responses to these questions should not be used to infer any diagnosis of mental illness. If you are concerned about your own mental health, please see a doctor or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Secondary Use of Survey Data

As part of our commitment to improving health and wellbeing around the world, de-identified Moving Mindz survey data are stored in an independent research registry housed at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia. This study has received Deakin University ethics approval (reference number: 2019-381).

The research registry collects Moving Mindz survey data and works with the scientific and health communities to conduct independent analyses of workplace health trends around the world.

Moving Mindz Surveys - Can I opt out?

You may opt-out of your data being stored in the registry and being used for research by emailing, as outlined in the Moving Mindz Collection Statement and Privacy Policy. 

Moving Mindz Surveys - What happens on the final day of the race?

There’s a grace period, during which time participants can backfill their steps/activities for the race period.

After the grace period, the access to the platform closes and your organisation will announce winners internally.

Disclaimer: Please note, these FAQs are general in nature, and some variations do occur between different Moving Mindz races and events, country requirements, and individual company policies.

For more information, please contact us at or if you are taking part in a company-based event, please get in touch with your Company Program Manager.