Moving Mindz CEO Shane Bilsborough

Shane Bilsborough has always been passionate about helping people. It’s why he studied nutrition many moons ago, and why he ultimately co-founded Moving Mindz.

Here, we discover how he came to be CEO of one of Australia’s most successful corporate wellness and mental health companies.

1) What’s your professional background?

Back in 2002 I co-founded the Global Corporate Challenge with Australian running legend Herb Elliott, and certainly learned a lot about a start-up business with no template to follow. In fact, when we first started, there was the BRW triathlon, but nothing for the everyday person. 

We went back to first principles, the scientific literature and good old fashion sales. In 2008 we expanded the business across the UK and North America, and when I left in 2011 the company had about 40 staff and turned over eight figures. In this era, it was getting people active.

I had the privilege to set up another business in Asia and for several years I worked abroad, where I learnt so much more about business and wellbeing, about the companies that want to tick a box, and the companies that really care about their employees. 

All in all, before establishing Moving Mindz I must have worked with over 3000 organisations from across the globe. They all had one thing in common: their employees needed to move more, eat better, stop smoking and look after their minds.

2) How do you feel about taking over as CEO?

I am really excited about getting back into the CEO role after a year out of the role, as 2022 is turning out to be an amazing year. 

When I co-founded Moving Mindz with legal counsel John Waters and finance guru Damian Gill, I initially held the title as CEO. I needed, however, to move into the COO role to work closely with my own team, as well as to ensure operationally we were producing the products the market needed.

Given we were knee-deep in COVID-19, we needed to adapt our product to the constant market flux. Wellbeing became much more about engaging employees; those working from home, the office, a hybrid version of this and everything in between. Hence, we had to redevelop our platform to ensure we increased social engagement to a level never seen before, which we did quite successfully. 

We needed to develop an even stronger marketing and communications plan and successfully help wellbeing managers deploy this to staff and ensure that we really hit the mark with our messaging. Finally, we needed to increase our raft of measurement tools, to ensure we were able to deliver solid, reliable metrics to organisations on all facets of wellbeing.

With these key areas taken care of, as CEO I can now focus more on the growth of the company, both here in Australia and in North America. I am also excited by the growth and experience of my team, during the pandemic and beyond. You are only as good as your team, and I have a great team.

3) What do you love about the role?

At Moving Mindz, we can provide metrics in the mental health and wellbeing space that no other organisation is doing. 

We continue to build our offering of measurement tools and develop and publish solid research. This is one aspect I love. I also really like knowing that we can make a positive difference to people’s lives and the cultures of organisations. 

4) What’s your vision for the organisation?

Pre-COVID-19, we have started to grow in the US. Now that borders have opened, we do have a growth vision in the US. 

We certainly have a growth vision in Australia and that is already happening. While we certainly have some larger goals, which I won’t share for the time being, we do want to keep building on our mental health and wellbeing data, hence grow our research output.

5) Hobbies outside work?

I have two daughters who are entrenched in sport. I am on the Sandringham Little Athletics Committee and have a role as the competition director. This is my community which is filled with amazing people, many of whom I call friends. 

I love sci-fi movies and books and will always try and watch a flick or read something when I can. 

I also love going to the gym each morning at about 5am. It keeps my mind and body challenged.

6) Favourite TV show and book?

Anything that makes me laugh… Seinfeld, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler… love them. 

My favourite TV of late has been the Netflix series Lost in Space

Favourite book: I loved Arthur C. Clark’s Rendezvous with RamaGarden of Rama and Rama Revealed and the Asimov Foundation series.

I am currently reading The House of the Dead by Dostoevsky, which I am loving.

7) Secret to a healthy life?

Exercise well, eat well (plant-based food makes up 90% of my diet) and look after your mind. 

Oh yeah… and laugh often!

8) Your takeaway from 2021?

We took being connected, having friends and family for granted. How we missed those moments.

So, cherish the moments you have with those around you and make those moments count!

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